Dan Stringer

(Canada) // Meet The Sinnerz!



Meet The Sinnerz! Every 4th Thursday of the month, every 2 months, 9pm to 10pm EST

Carpe Diem: Every 1st Friday of the month, every 2 months, 8pm to 9pm EST

Dan is a true proud Montrealer who felt in love with electronic music and choosed 20 years ago to get involved in the underground music scene first a as promoter but most of all as a DJ and lately as a radio host. Along the years Dan has collaborate too many events while playing alongside some of the most creative artists of the underground culture.

During the last 20 years, Dan has been carving his career with only one goal in mind, staying underground & true. His approach has allowed him to carve out a unique sound elaborated by choosing wisely serious fat & dirty tech-induced beats. His sound is dirty, sexual, crazy and energetic. It’s mainly a high-octane blend of Techno & Tech House beats mixed and blended sometimes to some groovy nasty shits.

Dan can also often flirt with some sexy chilling house beats. This other dimension allows him to create some truly intense and unique moments dipping and chilling into the darker side of music in order to bring his crowd to the other side, where dark fetishes and fantasies lies. Ultimately this unique sound texture has brought him to play at mostly all the venues and illegal rave parties and afterparties in Canada at which he consumed an extremely huge amount of Red Bull allowing him to inspire thousands of people to dance to his beats.

Back in studio, he’s currently working on many projects with different artist and dj’s, including his son, in Montreal, Quebec and Berlin. The rest of his time is well spent researching and developping music in production.

Dan and is son Danyck, are the owner of House of Sins Productions created in 2003 by Dan and Indica, his mentor and partner of the time, in order to produce and present to the Montrealers, the first North American Wet & Hard event introducing at the same time the Berlin’s sensation of the time, Corvin Dalek, the creator of this new European music style.

Over the years Dan has produced numerous successfull events through HOS, namely; Wet & Hard I, II & III; Wild Nights I & II; Ménage à Trois; Le Bal en Noir I & II to only name a few. Always hungry for more challenges, he’s also been collaborating with many other promoters and venues on creative projects. On the media side and over the years, Dan has also been hosting different underground music radio and web-radio shows while also been invited many time to produce special mixsets for different podcast series and web-radio shows like Proton, Frisky, Techno.FM, SinCity.FM, House Pacific and many more.

Since 2015, Dan has the joy to team up with his son Danyck in “Father & Son B2B” to share a common passion with music lovers from everywhere.

Father & Son, it’s a father and his son with a common passion… Banging Techno like a cheap door in the wind just for fun !

Without Music, Life Would Be a Mistake.