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1st Saturday of the month, 8pm to 9pm EST

Immersed in the world of electronic music for a long time, a strong passion for music composition had set before starting “DJing”. Composing started as young as 15 years old by computer software, leading him to discover his style in the House.

Danyck’s sound is characterized by catchy original melodies that are sexy and ambient as well. A heavy and entertaining groove makes his permanent effect, taking you on a musical frenzy that will leave you to believe that the party is far from over. From deep passages to other more aggressive, the continuity and homogeneity of his music is perfect, it is an inebriating journey guaranteed.

His public immersion went big with his arrival on the scene during the Bal en Noir 2nd Edition event in 2013. He performed among incredible DJs such as Dan Stringer, Lady Melodie, Robert DE LA … GAUTHIER and Indica, during his first public performance.

It is turning to his father, his mentor, that he was introduced to the art of DJing. Having enjoyed an entourage packed with inspiring DJs such as Dan Stringer, Indica / B.Weiser, Lady Melodie and Corvin Dalek, originality flowed abundantly, leaving a fast and imaginative development. The vast majority of the DJing aspects were addressed, whether it was from the controllers to CDJs, to vinyl, the next step would be exploring the originality of the Live Set.

Over the years his main musical influences came to rest in very elaborate composers defined in their particular styles, such as RPO, Citizen Kain, Dr. Kucho, Deborah De Luca, Soul Button, Chris Liebing, Nicole Moudaber, Animal Picnik, Aaryon and Ruede Hagelstein.. All of them have helped to bring some of their color in the mixture that makes up Danyck’s sets colorful, sexy and loud.

In 2016 he signed his two firsts EPs with Ulrich Van Bell on Born2Porn Records, with some dark sexy techno beats.