kärl k-otik

(Canada) // Chaos in the Stratosphere



Every Thursday, 9pm to 10pm EST

Since 2005, dj kärl k-otik seems to be cutting corners at the same crazy pace he is heating up the dancefloors. Discovered five years ago by a few promoters that made him one of their preferred DJs, he didn’t take long to get noticed by the leaders of trance & progressive music in Montreal.

With all his presences unanimously saluted by his peers at îleSoniq, Bal en Blanc, Beachclub, New City Gas, Circus Afterhours, (((stereo))), and numerous private partys/raves, dj kärl k-otik now is putting in place all the required elements to position himself as one of the hopefuls of the trance & progressive community in Canada.

After ten years of bookings in multiple clubs, afterhours and private partys, dj kärl k-otik doesn’t slow down and transforms on CD/demos, just like on the dancefloors, all the expectations placed on him.

The secret of dj kärl k-otik : an incredible energy, a contagious enthusiasm, a tireless perseverance but, above all, an immoderate passion for electronic music…

Some DJs play music, some DJs play the crowd… dj kärl k-otik is in the second category. Chaos is coming… to a venue near you…