Philip White

(Canada) // Anchored In Sound



Every 3rd Thursday of the month, 8pm to 9pm EST

Inspired by his father, pop and disco music lover, who used to perform as a DJ in Montreal’s best clubs in the 80s, Philip White as managed to maintain this relentless craze and musical fervor to improve his craft and skills like no one thought he could.
Having first learned the basics of djing with the help of his fathers judicious tips, Philip had rapidly found himself perfecting his art on his own as well as an attentive and accurate ear, a unique style and a technique of an incomparable sharpness. It is with enthusiasm and determination that he eventually fine-tuned his skills, on a regular basis, on the local scene, with the great help and teachings of Carl Müren and Paul Random, one of Montreals most acclaimed duo on the scene at that moment.

It is with an everlasting and avant-garde interest for music that Philip eventually came to master a wide variety of music genres, from deep-house to tech-house, groovy-house or techno. His talent, his presence and his well-rounded skills gradually gave him the opportunity to perform as a resident DJ and a guest DJ in the most popular clubs in town such as Apollon, Passeport, Circus Aftehours, Club 1234, Living Supperclub, Club Unity, the very well known Beachclub and even Sotto, located in the heart of Ottawa, Canada’s capital. Doing so, Philip has had the occasion to work alongside many internationally known artists such as Yinon Yahel, Marco V, Ben Gold, Etienne Ozborne, The Tune Brothers, Leon Bolier, Umek, Tom Stephan and Victor Calderone just to name a few. Furthermore, our Montreal based DJ polished his skills in a variety of notable events like Les Jeux du Québec, Sounds of Ibiza 1, Ibiza Music Festival at Beachclub, JUMBO Music Festival and Iceberg Music Festival.

At the moment, DJ Philip White is still as passionate as he was originally about his craft and the diverse music genres that constitute it. Even if in a more personal matter, his preferences tend to a tech-house/slow techno oriented career as shown in his monthly Groove Session show exclusive to Mixcloud, it is clear that this young DJ with great ambitions and overflowing with potential will exceed the expectations; whether it is a hot and groovy day on the terrace or a dark and underground matinee in a sweaty afterhours.

As for now, Philip is part of a regular monthly rotation at his Circus Afterhours, Apollon and Beachclub residencies while performing every Saturdays at Mondo Lounge in St-Jérôme.

Other interesting fact, this promising DJ is about to launch his first single, titled “Kahlua”, on one of Germany’s own The Tune Brothers mega label. That being said, the young artist will definitely make a remarkable debut in the fascinating electronic music producing industry.