(Canada) // The Maze



Every 3rd Saturday of the month, 8pm to 9pm EST

I started listening to electronic music at the age of 15. After exploring several musical styles, like psy-trance, trance, house, progressive and techno, I decided to become a DJ to share my driving passion for music. Anything that has a deep and progressive melody can find it’s way into my sets. With Private Peach Party Productions and SinCity Productions, I also participated in the organization of a number of successful private parties. Occasionally DJing in some bars and afterhours in the Montreal region.

Having several different styles in my repertoire, I very well adapt to different dance floors. Preferring to play longer sets, where I can play with the spirit of dancers, taking plenty of time to explore many different styles. For me, it is first to understand the dancers and to induce a journey through different styles, tempos and times, not to chain hits one after the other !

Co-Founder of SinCity Productions company and channel director at SinCity.fm, the journey just begun !